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By any measure, I present to you an event that is not just different, but better. I do not discriminate by looks. I judge by spirit.  For my crowd knows exactly why they are stood in front of the DJ’s in the first place.

I understand music, journey and delivery. I understand the people who appreciate this. Deep melodic house grooves mixed with the inkiness of techno music, an educated party of like minds, will speak for itself.

3D Projections. Enhanced visuals. Headlining artists from around the world. Believe me I shall deliver an experience every time and shall expect the very same by return.

KYODAI of Exploited / Poker Flat Of course I have always enjoyed Berghain but it was my night in Chalet back in January with this duo that really made for my very best memories of Berlin. We cannot keep pushing the pace and Kyodais’ own productions, each with a refreshing emotional break will form a big part of their set and for this reason alone, I know you will be more than pleasantly surprised. Intrigued? You should be.

SIOPIS of Get Physical Space Ibiza, Siopis and me, now that was a night of epic proportion. The energy this guy brings to his sets is infectious. Over the past few years I’ve not managed to keep up with him touring all around the world playing in more than 30 different countries at venues like Fabric London, Back to Basics in Leeds and of course Space Ibiza, which if my experience is anything to go by, you can thank me later.

Friday nights have been reinvented.
Until we meet . On the 5th Day.