191 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5NE

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Richard Pascoe
Dr Psycho

Special Touch
Fifth Avenue & Studio Express

MC Secret Agent.


When SW1 Club closes in 2017, so does a part of your raving history. Forget what its called now or the numerous names previous, Rampage made history in the 90's bringing real music to central London when no one else could. NOW.....It takes a 15 dj line up to fill a club and you get to sing one verse of a song before a juggling dj cuts the track off. 
Let Rampage take you back in time, to the venue that cemented the 90's. NO OTHER club or DJ ever did it like Rampage and many pretenders are playing that era of music now because they wish they had then.....too late! 
When Jodeci passed through....where were you? Dru Hill? 112? Total? Donell? Timberland? Busta? New Edition....the list is endless!

Join the original Rampage crew in 3 arenas as we pay real homage to our original home SW1..... the club that was "Touched By None".